What is the most high quality Hermes replica bag?

best hermes evelyne replica We have a lot of bags sent to us to photograph to share with you all, including many from premier brands. This allows us to give you an intimate look at bags that aren’t easy to see along with a real review of each item. There are a few brands that are hard to get information on and see the bags themselves – and the hardest of them all is Hermès. Luckily we have members of the replica bags sharing images and adding to our Hermès reference library, but nothing is the same as seeing a bag in person.

best hermes replica But that’s all about to change! I’ve known the folks behind Privé Porter for a few years and we’ve been trying to find a way to work together. So I threw out what to me was a crazy idea – ‘how about you send me some of the rarest bags to photograph’ – and they said yes. Even if Hermès were to send me bags to photograph, I’m certain none would be as rare as the ones I’ll get from Privé Porter and that is a delightful treat for me and you!

best hermes replica handbags Privè Porter is different from many other resellers in a few ways – namely that in almost every case, the bags come as if you purchased in store yourself with the original store receipt, flawless box, and all accessories. Privé has bought and sold over $50MM in over 50 countries and at any given time has no less than $1.5MM in an inventory of brand new bags. Last week I shared information about this pretty pink Birkin on Instagram and we were actually able to see it with another rare Birkin.

cheap hermes for sale For those who may not know, “HSS” stands for Hermès Horseshoe Stamp, which is essentially Hermès giving the VIP of their VIPS a chance to come in and design their own bag in terms of size, type of leather, color combination, and hardware. Once Hermès accepts the design specifications, it can take an entire year for Hermès to make.

hermes birkin bag replica cheap The Bambou is one of the most stunning green hues on a bag I’ve ever seen – it’s clean and crisp and an Hermès fan favorite too. The interior Craig leather is very close to the actual color of the intra-node of a real bamboo tree, so best guess is the person who ordered this HSS wanted a bag that reminded them of bamboo with the color choices, both inside and out.

hermes birkin replica edenaar.nl Many people ask what makes an Hermès bag so special? The quality and craftsmanship are cited and in the case of this bag, it’s so true. Hermès forgot no detail when it came to this bag, adding green Bambou stitching on the interior when they could have easily used Craie to save time and even the inside of the clochette is Craig. Every small detail was accounted for in this rare bag which makes it truly a unique and special piece.

hermes crossbody replica Sometimes, however, customers don’t claim their HSS bags for a slew of reasons, and Hermès will then offer the abandoned HSS to other customers. Privé Porter told me that many of the HSS bags that come their way they try to buy because they are so rare and many times one of a kind bags, and many of the people who sell these bags to Privé Porter are looking at existing inventory to trade it for.

hermes replica handbags wholesale According to Privé Porter, “This is a really rare find, a 2017 Rose Lipstick Birkin in any size is extremely rare. The last time Hermes used Rose Lipstick to make a Birkin was only in Togo leather which was part of the stinky bag issue. They only used Tadelakt leather at the time to make small leather goods. My guess is a craftsman found an old piece of Tadelakt at leather and decided to make a one-off, which makes this a very special bag. This may be the only Birkin bag that will ever be made in Rose Lipstick Tadelakt leather.”

That Bambou is INCREDIBLE. Green is my favorite color and this particular bag just looks so bright, fresh, and alive. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Megs, thanks for getting back to me! I am looking for a Birkin in 25cm or 30cm in a neutral tone like grey, taupe, mushroom, olive, khaki, tobacco, etc.

high quality hermes birkin replica It really all depends on the exact bag you’re looking at. Prive Porter specializes in bags that have never been carried, still with plastic on the hardware, original store receipt… it’s like getting a bag that you love from the store without the wait, having to buy other items or settle for a color you don’t like.

Hi! I contacted Price Porter after your post as I am looking for a Birkin for my birthday! Their prices are so high though, 20K for a 30cm. Why is that? Do you have any other sources you can share with me? Thanks!

high quality hermes replica So true! It’s like every color used on Hermes bags is an invention of them. It’s like these colors don’t exist until they used it. Each and every Hermes bag has a meant-to-be color.

I feel like Hermès is so good at colors that it’s a shame to not consider them (and that’s coming from someone who owns a black Birkin too). I love my Blue Jean but if I get another Birkin, I want one of their bright, bold colors!

Immediately clicked this post after seeing that green goddess on the thumbnail. It’s so gorgeous, so amazing, so beautiful! I’m not the fan of big Birkin but in this case, I am. The prettiest shade of green. Reminds me of my college days hairstyle.

That Bambou is INCREDIBLE. Green is my favorite color and this particular bag just looks so bright, fresh, and alive. Thanks for sharing.

high quality hermes replica uk There are a lot of special things about Hermès bags, but I’ve always been intrigued by their closures. The Birkin, Medor, Lindy, Toolbox—Hermès often manages to incorporate interesting mechanical closures that then find themselves recreated on other bags, by other brands whose designers are less inclined or able to flesh out such interesting intersections of metal and leather. Hardware isn’t usually the first thing that springs to mind when Hermès comes into the conversation, but the brands have long been the worth close inspection. That’s certainly true of the Hermès Fortunio Bag, which debuted in its original form in the 1930s and has recently been updated and reissued.

hermes replica  The Fortunio is a roomy day clutch with two main compartments and a decidedly trim finish, which reflects a minimalist bent that’s often belied by the brand’s most famous bags. The three-part V closure at the front is also trim, but it’s more usefully designed than you might think: flip open the right side of the V, and you gain access to the outer of the bag’s two main compartments. Flip open them both to get access to the second one. At 11.4″ wide, the Fortunio would make a great day bag if only it had a strap. As it is, it’s a beautifully tailored and clever little clutch, perfect for a more modern take on a Ladies Who Lunch vibe.

Gorgeous (especially the bright red) but not very practical for my lifestyle. But seriously beautiful!

I saw it on the website. It is a beautiful bag. I love it!

This bag literally re-spark my love for clutches.

I’m not a clutch person or much of a fan of H bags, but that is really lovely!

I have a vintage Gucci clutch in the navy lizard that looks more luxe, and I paid a fraction of this price.

Beautifully designed, beautifully made, totally impractical and way expensive. Love it!

replica hermes First, before we start, I have to say: I’m kind of fascinated by Drake. He’s always either bragging about how much he doesn’t care about the women he dates or whining about how much the women he dates don’t care about him, and I find that persistent lack of self-awareness relatable. Also, More Life? It’s great background music for, like, a chill-but-not-too-chill house party. Anyway, that’s sort of beside the point, because the point is Drake has been collecting Hermès Birkins for years, maybe for you.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Drake told reporter Tatiana Siegel that he has a “fairly vast” collection of the bags to offer a woman “at some point in life.” When asked why, he said, “There’s very few in this world, tangible things anyway, that hold their value and sort of…appreciate as the years go on. It was one of those things that, you know, I just started collecting for the woman I end up with one day.”

replica handbags So, it’s a little weird to start a bag collection for a woman you might not have even met yet, because what if you meet her and she doesn’t care about handbags, or, I don’t know, prefers knockoff handbags? As Drake mentions, though, Birkins are indeed a reasonably sound investment at the moment, so I suppose the eventual couple could sell the collection and use the money for something else. He was mum on exactly how many Birkins are in his still-growing collection or how many rare or exotic bags it includes, but from the way he talked about it, it sounded like enough to finance a few college degrees at least.

I’m not sure how one would go about meeting Drake or making him fall madly in love with you, but I know handbag lovers, so I know if there’s a will, then there’s a way. Hoping to find a guy like him someday!

lol… I was thinking the exact same thing. Kardashians are out, they got their own. Rihanna likes Dior and J-Lo has Alex, so…

I heard this yesterday and thought it sounded crazy. We know he won’t be dating a Kardashian/Jenner as they have their own stockpile of Birkins!! HAHA

I didn’t think it was possible for Drake to get any more attractive. But that’s an amazing sentiment!

replica replica Tangentially though, Birkins aren’t the only material assets that appreciate in value. My family has a modest gemstone and fine jewelry collection that has multiplied in value through the decades. Wow, his future wife should better be prepared to face legions of jealous haters haha

Maybe they don’t care enough to spend time on that? I don’t know who he is and I don’t want to spend my time doing that either.

I have a have a vintage Hermes from the 70s’ (circle G). It’s called a “Derby’ and is a pre-Birkin bag. She needs to go to the spa but has no damage(rips/tears/holes). I like the fact that this is rare out of circulation item. two others like mine. don’t care for the idea of having something everyone else has, which makes this one so special to me. Have only found two others like this one on the web,

Price increases. So for example, I go to Hermes and buy a 35 Birkin for 10,000. I take care of it, and in 5 years I decide I need the money and sell it. Well, now that it’s 2017, best hermes evelyne replica,best hermes replica,best hermes replica handbags the price of a new 35 Birkin has gone up to 13000, my bag is still in great condition, and I sell it for 12,000. Still cheaper than a new one, but I have made 2,000 dollars on it.

Why do Hermes bags cost even more if they are a few years old.? I understand if its an exotic leather, but, The regular leathers? , just don’t get it. I would always prefer to buy a brand new that a one that’s pre-owned. Unless it is a good deal.

My grandmother carried Birkins in the ’80s; I will forever associate Birkins with her. My mother has always carried Kellys and the classic knockoff handbags bags; I’ve no desire for any of them.

Only if the bag remains in decent condition. If not, the price will depreciate like any other item.

It is true that Hermes basically never loses value…ever… and that is why I’m on a waiting list to get my FAVE Kelly… 🙂 I have some lesser priced Hermes stuff now, and adore it, but nothing beats a Kelly or Birkin for sure.

Yes. In fact, you can buy it at the store if you are not picky about color or leather. Birkins and Kellys are delivered to Hermes stores across the world on a regular basis best hermes replica,best hermes replica handbags,cheap hermes for sale. You need to ask the SA (as they are usually in the back). Also, your best bet is to go during a slow month like January, February, March when stores have to meet huge sales numbers but don’t necessarily have Christmas traffic or tourists, etc… The idea that one can never buy a Kelly or a Birkin without being on a waitlist is a myth.

I want to own a Birkin but I don’t want to buy it aftermarket. I am willing to spend the retail price and is willing to be on the waitlist as well but as far as I know, there aren’t any waitlist at the moment and yet you can’t even buy it at the store. Sigh

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I just bought my girlfriend ‘s yesterday for $7500 –I own 20 designer bags now–Prada -Valentino –Givenchy -Balenciaga -2 Sac de Jours -Celine –& always felt on the hunt. The bag is perfect so soft -opposite of the SDJ –so far-it’s love

you should be ashamed of yourself if u own Hermes. you rich people who go gaga over Hermes are disgusting! watch the full video u murderers!

My son lost teeth young from an accident and has affected him so. I so wish I could get him implants. Happened upon this site and must tell you ladies, I am envious. What for the price of a few purses. Certainly no judgment or complaints here. Just sayin….must be nice hermes birkin bag replica cheap,hermes birkin replica edenaar.nl,hermes crossbody replica.

Can they use vegan leather?!?! I don’t want to carry around a skinned crocodile or baby cow, it’s vile and entirely unnecessary! Then again, so is paying what could be so easily donated to feed starving children, on a handbag! Ugh!

Hermes makes quality bags, I think the Birkins are losing its appeal due to the fact that these reality stars (housewives, Kardashians) are all wearing it

do I think someone is rich when they carry a Birkin? not really – I do know that they definitely want to portray they are rich

is it a nice bag, yes! am I over it? yes! You ain’t gotta sell it to me Megs, I’m just waiting till I go to Paris to buy my Kelly. Hermes has a lot of styles apart from the Birkin and Kelly, and the quality is superior. You can be out there in a croc Birkin or low-key with a Lindy but the superior quality is undeniable.

I would never buy a $110,000 purse/handbag! There are many other good designer brands out there that are cheaper and prettier (channel, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, kate spade, Valentino, Versace, prada…etc replica handbags,replica replica,hermes birkin bag replica cheap).

Another reason, they are not much more expensive than knockoff handbags, which are machine made.

Dropping tens of thousands on bags that a thousand other people show off on social media? OK sheeple

I don’t know what all the hype is about but you could buy a small house for this. Ridiculous.

Waste of money. The ridiculous amount of money for these bags you can use that money for a down payment on a house or a car. FOH

The BMW has tremendous use value than a bag of any sort doesn’t. Rather, the bag’s use value is far less. You could use a $20 canvas beach bag and do everything you could do with the Burkin — except impress people. The BMW? You could use a far less expensive car, but you would actually give up something in performance, dependability, etc. That said, you do pay a premium for a BMW for its value as a status symbol.

I would rather buy a Birkin and take the bus than drive a BMW and wear a Target bag. But, I live in SF where taking the bus is common. If I lived in the backwoods of a small town, there’s no point in having the Birkin OR the BMW.

….is it about vanity and status? Yes! So is putting on make-up or high-heels or installing a fancy kitchen or getting your weekly french-tip acrylic nails. Everyone’s got their poison hermes crossbody replica,hermes replica handbags wholesale,high quality hermes birkin replica.

Once upon a time, Khloé Kardashian used to carry bags other than Birkins. But those days may be over. Khloé has assembled a rainbow-colored collection of Hermès Birkins, and we’ve gathered them all together here for your viewing pleasure. We did a brief profile on her Birkins last summer, but even since then, her collection has expanded to include seemingly all the available colors.

You’re welcome to guesstimate the net worth of this collection, as we did the hard math on Kris Jenner’s half-million dollar bag collection last year.

That red croc makes me even more excited for the Christmas season, it’s the perfect festive red!

I feel like it’s so much chicer to have fewer bags and wear the same ones. It’s kind of elegant, to me. I’m currently obsessed with the first lady of France, who is wealthy enough to have a million bags, but she carries the same two Louis Vuitton bags all the time and makes them look spectacular. I feel like if I had a Birkin, I’d just wear it every day, and that would be that. What’s the point of transferring all your stuff every day to just wear a different color of the same bag? I don’t get it. Of course, I’m on a purse forum, so I’m sure a lot of you beautiful chic ladies will disagree with me, but I think it’s so elegant when people have just a few perfect pieces.

I don’t think they are fakes. Why would they buy fakes when they can easily afford the real thing. Doesn’t make sense replica hermes,hermes birkin replica edenaar.nl,,high quality hermes replica.

Personally, I don’t think this makes me want the Birkin less; I will continue to dream of owning one some day – not very soon though, I also associate them with a slightly more mature age. Having said that, I think there’s nothing wrong with carrying them in your 20s or even teens, *as long as* you wear them nicely.

Really my belief is that a bag is a bag – it’s certainly a (huge) part of style/taste, but no matter how nice a bag it is, carrying a good bag does not automatically give you good style or taste. And the Birkin is a very good bag. But I can admire the bag while simultaneously finding it tacky when it’s carried by less than elegant people and styled in a way that says “here’s a Birkin so nothing else matters just look at my money”. But it’s not the bag’s fault so they don’t make me want the bagless!I’m an avid Birkin fan since Jane By Design days, but now I highly prefer the teeny-tiny (25CM?) version than this travel bag-ish type.

I clicked in here just to read the comments. I agree that the K family kinda needs to go away. I like Hermes but most of the time the bag doesn’t even suit the outfit, people are just carrying the bags as a “status symbol” now. It’s unfortunate and kinda cheapens the look of the bag too. What happened to style your whole look.

Oh, look! TWO things we see all too often; KK and Birkin. Both can be put to rest and very few will miss them.

I agree -I associate the Birkin with an older person but it has become a staple among the affluent that the old, rich lady stereotype has been lost. Now everyone with the means to get one carries one, regardless of the age.

If you like it and you can get one in every color, go for it. Nothing wrong with Khloe having that many, in my opinion. Agree completely! I think Jane Birkin was close to forty when the bag was made for her ,cheap hermes for sale,best hermes evelyne replica,,,hermes replica handbags wholesale,high quality hermes birkin replica,high quality hermes replica,high quality hermes replica uk,hermes replica ,,,replica handbags,replica replica.

Yeah, to each their own! If you love the Birkin, then that’s great. They certainly are magnificent and hold their value. But still, I personally think they do sometimes have the potential to make their owners look older than they actually are…

I kind of agree with you. I like the Birkin, but some people have a tendency to blindly fetishize them…

The Kardashians are a species all their own. I am fascinated and repulsed by them all at the same time.

Does anyone else find these Birkin bags, as beautiful as they are, a bit stodgy for girls in their 30s? There are so many more fun and interesting bags to carry. If I liked Birkins I would probably have one or two. But I would never eat pizza everyday or carry the same style bag. Variety is the spice of life. I feel like the Kardashian’s do certain things just to assure everyone they have the money.

The luxury industry is a weird business. In most sectors of the consumer market, the price of something is correlated to how much it costs to manufacture that thing in a fairly straightforward way—profit percentages vary depending on the product category, but competition drives the prices for most things down eventually. Fashion, in some ways, works the opposite way: the more expensive something is, the more it seems rare and special, and the more people want it, as long as it also looks expensive and signals that to others. In this scenario, manufacturing price and retail price have a far more nebulous relationship, especially in the high-margin product categories of handbags, shoes, and accessories high quality hermes replica uk,hermes replica,replica handbags.

Once a company has gained its clients’ trust as a reliable provider of both fine leather goods and the frisson of pleasure that comes from silently letting other people know you’re rich, it can basically draw its prices out a hat and a sector of its clientele will still line up, credit cards in hand. Perhaps no company illustrates that more clearly than Hermès, and perhaps none of its products throw the idea into such stark relief as the Hermès Galet Paperweight, which is literally a rock with a leather strap around it.

I’m mostly desensitized to luxury prices after nearly a decade in the industry, but every now and then I come across something that just feels downright hostile to the people who fill these companies’ coffers. Occasionally, it’s almost like a brand is looking its shoppers in the eye and daring them to be dumb enough to spend an outrageous amount of money on something clearly worth nowhere near it. This paperweight feels like one of those occasions. Hermès is calling your bluff on your own belief that you’re an intelligent and discerning consumer.

On the other hand, here’s the pitch: the Galet Paperweight is part of the brand’s petit h program, which seeks to use leftover materials from the manufacture of the brand’s bags, accessories, shoes, and silks to create irreverent little trinkets, charms and other small goods that can be paired with the brand’s other products. In this case, the brand is advertising every stone as unique, so it seems like the leather strap itself is what makes this piece part of Petit h. Unless weird rocks are somehow used in the manufacture of handbags, I guess cheap hermes for sale,best hermes evelyne replica,hermes replica handbags wholesale.

Should you want to encourage this behavior in Hermès, either for yourself or on behalf of a soon-to-be very confused gift recipient, you can buy the Galet paperweight in five colors via Hermès for $840. As funny as it looks if a sales associate at Hermes tells you: “I can sell you a 32cm black Birkin bag with gold hardware if you buy the pack of 2 of this rock”, what would you do?

It would be so perfect for those desperate Instagrammers who are just DYING to tell the world that they have money to burn

At least diamonds are pretty to look at and it’s still the hardest stone in the world

Why don’t they make designer garbage bags? They’d be more useful than that thing unless of course, you happen to be King David living next door to Goliath.

As people have realized that Hermès Birkins are a potentially more fruitful investment that the stock market or gold, an entire economy has sprung up around them and the few other designer bags that can demand decent resale prices. So many people want to buy bags at the Hermès flagship boutique in Paris that the store had to institute an appointment system; naturally, that resulted in enterprising locals sleeping on the sidewalk to sell places in line to wealthy shoppers. Now, pawn shops that traditionally have dealt in art and fine jewelry are cashing in.

These aren’t the type of pawn shops that the phrase probably brings to mind; in the original New York Times piece on the topic, the story centers around a family that runs two such locations, the first of which is in Beverly Hills, the second in a Manhattan office building. (The third location is slated for Chicago.) The Beverly Loan Company and New York Loan Company are run by Jordan Tabach-Bank, and although the former has been a family business since 1938, it took until this generation to add handbags to the repertoire, as well as things like fine wine and flatwarehigh quality hermes birkin replica,high quality hermes replica,replica replica.

Beyond their posh locations and discreet setups, the pawn shops work similarly to their lower-rent counterparts: people bring in their valuables and receive an amount of money in return, dependent upon value. If the owner returns in an agreed-upon amount of time and repays the loan, he or she can get her bag back. If not, Tabach-Bank is free to recoup his money (and then some) by reselling the bag. Tabach-Bank told the NYT that while many of his clients use the service for high-falutin reasons like accessing quick liquidity for investment purposes, others use it for the same reason anyone fences their belongings: they need some quick cash.

As for which bags work the best for him in which locations, Tabach-Bank, minces no words: neutrals in New York, bright colors in Beverly Hills and Birkins everywhere.

If you needed the cash but wanted to ultimately keep your bag, would you ever consider pawning a Birkin, if you have one? People do not fence their own stuff. Fencing is the crime of selling stolen merchandise. Fencing is not a synonym for selling or pawning.

In theory, the experience of high-end shopping should be one of the things that makes the elevated cost of luxury goods worth it. If all goes as both brands and shoppers ideally want it to, clients are treated to a relaxed experience in a serene, beautiful store, assisted by kind, helpful associates and then leave (after parting with an obscene amount of money, the store hopes) feeling fancy and pampered. In reality, though, sometimes that experience is hard to guarantee, even at the very top of the luxury market. Just ask Hermès.

Most luxury brands do everything they can to stoke demand and create a perception of scarcity because those are the dynamics on which full-price designer purchases hinge. After all, if something doesn’t seem rare or special, why pay a premium for it? No brand is better at managing that perception than Hermès, which is legendary far beyond fashion circles simply for how hard it is to get the brand’s most sought-after bags, even if those perceptions can be a bit exaggerated on average. When it comes to shopping at the Hermès global flagship store on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, though, demand from international tourists hoping to score bags when visiting the city has so far outpaced the boutique’s ability to serve customers in an appropriate luxe way has resulted in a switch to a somewhat complicated and time-consuming appointment system that can take up a full day of a traveler’s stay in Paris, if not more.

The FSH store, as Hermès acolytes refer to it, is popular for several reasons. First, it’s much less expensive for tourists from outside western Europe to shop for luxury goods while visiting the region than back home, both because of differences in international market pricing and hefty tax rebate incentives. (For more information on that, check out our guides to international pricing and maximizing international tax incentives while shopping.) Second, the FSH boutique is the biggest one in Paris and generally has the best stock of hard-to-get bags, so shoppers looking to score flock to it. Third, it’s the global flagship, and if you’re already spending money to travel to Paris and hoping to come home with a special bag, wouldn’t it be nice to have a story about buying it from the most important Hermès boutique in the world? The experience is part of the price, after all.

All of those factors have created a perfect storm of consumer interest, which has lead to a not-so-luxurious reality when it comes to managing the store’s crowd. In an effort to bring a little order to the chaos, Hermès has implemented an appointment system for shoppers without an existing relationship with one of the store’s sales associates (SAs). The system either works great or is offensively bad, depending on who you ask. We put the question to our replica bags Hermès members, and below, we’ve got a breakdown of the buying processes steps, along with tips and tricks from people who have followed the rules and come home from vacation with the bag of their dreams.

At the FSH Hermès boutique, snagging a Birkin or Kelly starts with the same first step as acquiring almost anything that’s highly sought and available from limited sources: you get in line. The boutique opens at 10:30 am Paris time, and before that, lines form on the sidewalks outside the store’s two entrances: the main one, and the side entrance, which opens into the store’s Sellier department. Our members reported arriving between 8:00 and 9:30 to get in line, and even the earliest among them weren’t the first people waiting. For instance, tPF member squad told us, “My husband and I waited in line at about 8:30 am. There were 18 people in front of us and the line turned to around 22 by the time the store opened. We got an appointment for 1 pm.” Meanwhile, member sheanabelle arrived a little later: “This happened on a Tuesday in October. Got online at 9:22 am. There were 6 people at the side door and about 24 people at the main. I sent my lovely fiancée to the side door. By the time it was 10:20, I stepped out of line to check out the queue and there were a good 40 people behind me. I was given a time of 3:30 pm.”

If your aim is to be seen by an SA as quickly as possible, set your alarm extra early may be the way to go. The very first shoppers in the store are assigned to SAs on the spot until all are occupied, and after that, appointments are doled out for the remainder of the day. The faster you get into the store to make your appointment, the earlier your appointment will be and the more likely the store will have something on your wish list in stock by the time you’ve seen.

Overall, more shoppers tend to line up at the FSH boutique’s main entrance than around the side, but none of our members mentioned noting a particular advantage to doing so, even though a couple heard rumors that the front door was more advantageous. If you’re not traveling alone, it may be best to follow in sheanabelle’s footsteps and split your crew among the two lines to get your bases as well-covered as possible. Divide and conquer, right?

It seems as though the store is not as meticulous about crowd control as it is about other parts of the Hermès handbag experience, though. Many people who shared their FSH appointment experiences mentioned line-cutters joining friends in front and people from further back in line rushing into the store ahead of those in front of them as soon as the doors opened. None mentioned Hermès security doing much about it. tPF member LOVERofknockoff handbags told us, “As it got closer to opening time, the line in front of us doubled because of line cutters. Not only that but when the doors opened, some people behind us rush to the door, cutting us and most in front of us.”

The morning lineup is your best bet to get an early appointment time and the best handbag availability, but if you’re open-minded about the day’s purchase or more curious to have the experience and pick up something fun instead of trying to score the day’s only black Birkin, appointments can sometimes be made later in the day by dropping by and checking availability. During busy tourist seasons or heavier shopping days (Saturdays, for instance), all appointments may have already been given out, but several of our members had luck checking in circa noon for an early evening appointment. (For reference, the store closes at 7 pm.)

You might think the term “appointment” implies a fixed time both parties have agreed upon in advance, but in the FSH boutique’s system, your allotted time will jump around throughout the day and you have to be ready to report back to the store fairly quickly. The system Hermès uses generates a link that’s sent to the client, and then it’s his or her job to refresh that page throughout the day in order to track the changing appointment time.

That requires tourists use a data-enabled smartphone quite a bit, as well as the ability to receive text messages, which can be costly for handbag hopefuls who have traveled to Paris from a different cell market. For people looking to buy handbags that can cost well into the five figures, though, I suppose that might not be as worrisome as it would be for the average European vacationer. Still, it’s something to keep in mind.

When your assigned SA is finishing up with their previous client, Hermès will send you another message asking you to return to the store. If you’re late for your final appointment time, the store will try to accommodate you, but you may have to wait a little longer if your SA has already moved on to another shopper. These accommodations, as well as Hermès not wanting to rush earlier shoppers while they consider their options, are likely the reason the FSH boutique can’t guarantee set appointment times at the beginning of the day. That’s great for shoppers during their appointment–after all, who wants to be on the clock while deciding to spend 15 grand?–but it can create a lot of time to fill for clients with later appointments. Luckily, the area around the store doesn’t lack for other shopping and diversions.

So, the time has come. You’re inside the Mothership. You’re drinking champagne and it’s time to spend some money. What kind of experience can you expect? Based on reports from our Forum members, your SA will ask you some detailed questions about your style, size, leather, color and hardware preferences, and you’ll then be shown your options one by one, along with potential coordinating wallets and small leather goods. That means if you have a Birkin in your hands and you want to consider a Kelly that’s also available, the Birkin has to go back to the stock room to potentially be snapped up by someone in another appointment.

Unfortunately, there’s no way for shoppers to know the totality of what the store has available, so it’s important to think long and hard before the appointment about what your preferences and dealbreakers are and how flexible you’re willing to be. At the moment, it’s likely very tempting to buy whatever you’re offered–especially if it’s a Birkin–but that’s some very expensive buyer’s remorse you’d have on your hands.

Your Odds of Being Offered a Dream Bag
Although some of the Forum members who responded to our question weren’t able to find bags that suited their tastes (one, for example, asked for a Birkin and was offered a Garden Party), a surprising number came away with more or less what they had hoped to find, including Birkins and Kellys. And that wasn’t just true of longtime Hermès clients, either; one tPFer, Mrs.santio, scored a 30cm Birkin in the popular etoupe color despite never having bought a bag with the brand before.

well, this is something I would not enjoy at all… I often spend summers in Honolulu and visit Kalakaua Hermes store on my way to the beach and love browsing through small goods they have, and not in envy when I see over-dressed buyers of elusive bags. I was never impressed by Hermes bags except for one. I almost cried when tPF member docride sold on ebay an old beaten up barenia Birkin, there was even a hole on the side, but that bag told a story when I saw it, it was photographed next to a tree, on the grass, barenia with amazing patina, and I felt I would be like in the old movie …perhaps on Indiana Jones expedition, I wanted it for carrying student’ papers and books, that was my dream, it was “only” $5000 but I would not pay even that for a bag. What I do love is Hermes goodies like Bastia, Calvi, glasses case, post-it covers, phone cases……notebooks and agendas. I have so many I don’t even keep count, in various oranges, purples, rose…rainbow…that is what makes me truly happy, whatever bag I have (even canvas military Belstaff bag or Le Pliage sometimes when it is rainy), I enjoy the joy of taking out a pretty little pencil case in orange chevre, and phone case in iris swift….some colours correspond to Bottega Veneta colours so well, that I add a strap from BV to it and voila – my happy moment..if I bought Doc’s barenia birkin, that would be my bag for the rest of my life, and I have a lot to go I hope LOL